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100 Percent Vegan Joins Us!

100% vegan

A friendly vegan shop based in Digbeth, Birmingham. Has served the locals for many years. robots.txt

With an interesting and enticing range of products they offer, 100% Vegan went all out offering fake cheese, junk foods etc – all for our good vegan folk 🙂

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100% vegan.

All About 100% Vegan

Passionate owners are set on serving the highest quality whole vegan foods to maintain our body and mind.

Amazing products promoting the vegan cause.

100% vegan shop

the 100% vegan shop

We join forces to spread the word of vegans around the world. is now a part of in an effort to help and promote veganism. To stop the farming of animals in horrible conditions to become someone’s meal.

Keeping livestock and literally milking their givings to bring us milk for our coffees and cereals.

The world able to, not only live, but THRIVE without the use of animal products.

People are always asking what is vegan, what isnt. Example “is pectin vegan?” or “are Tic-Tacs vegan?” – the answer is yes and no, respectively! 🙂