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Crumbl Cookies Vegan Options – Find Them Here!

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crumbl cookies vegan (options)

Are There Vegan Options In Crumbl Cookies?

Are crumble cookies vegan? – Do they offer vegan options? Let’s check out their ingredients list. Many people enjoy Crumbl cookies, but as veganism gains popularity, has Crumbl changed to accommodate this trend? Many small and large fast-food restaurants have changed their menus to accommodate vegans, but what about Crumbl?

Crumbl cookies’ menu does not yet include any cookie selections that are suitable for vegans, which is a shame. Because milk and eggs are mentioned as the two primary components in every Crumbl cookie choice, these cookies are inappropriate for vegans to consume. This is seen on their official website in part devoted to their diet.

Why are Crumbl cookies so popular?

The reputation of Crumbl cookies spans several areas. These include its very appealing Tiktok account, rotating menu with weekly adjustments, and more than 140 different cookie flavor options.

As someone who has been a vegetarian for several years, We wondered how many animals’ lives were lost to produce these supposedly delicious cookies. So we asked if there were any nondairy Crumbl Cookies options or if there were any vegan-friendly cookies.

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Are there vegan options on crumbl?

Are there vegan cookies at Crumble? I recently visited a Crumbl bakery, looked over the entire menu, and spoke with a staff person. Sadly, after carefully reviewing Crumbl Cookie’s menu online, I learned that no vegan options are available.

I found out that most grocery store cookies include milk, eggs, or both. We all know that these ingredients are not suitable for vegans. I used to like warm cookies before I became vegan, and afterward, I tried to make my version. Making a vegan version of Crumble cookies isn’t that difficult.

For instance, making their famous classic chocolate chip cookies vegan is simple. To make cookies successful, I would use vegan butter, flax eggs, nondairy milk, and vegan chocolate chips for their butter, chocolate chips, and eggs. I previously did it and enjoyed it. Although it might not be the healthiest treat, there is a range of food choices to make Crumbl cookies at home.

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Ingredients in Crumbl cookies

Traditional ingredients include flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. That’s not all, though. They also include several other substances, including corn syrup, stabilizers, and preservatives.
Depending on the flavor, more ingredients might be added to freshly baked cookies to enhance that flavor. For instance, chocolate cookies contain both chocolate chips and cocoa powder in their cookie structure.

There is no doubt that crumbl cookies are not a healthy choice. Not to mention the outrageous number of calories in one cookie. I don’t believe I miss Crumbl cookies at all now that I’m vegan. Without them, I will fare better!


Even though Crumbl Cookies are popular, vegans cannot enjoy them. No single item on the Crumbl Cookies menu is suitable for vegans, as the company has decided to maintain its menu entirely for non-vegans.

We don’t believe you are missing out, though. Crumbl cookies are not at all nutritious. They have cookies with lots of calories and granulated sugar in them. You could be eating so many other vegan sweets.

Many competing restaurant food chains have added vegan choices to their menus in response to the popularity of veganism.

But, don’t worry, you can make vegan Crumbl cookies by yourself at home by watching the following video;

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Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Are there vegan, gluten-free cookies at Crumbl?

We discovered that Crumble Cookies don’t provide vegan options, but do they offer gluten-free alternatives? According to my investigation, they only offer the Classic Krispy Bar as a gluten-free cookie alternative.

They do, however, offer several ice creams that are gluten-free, such as:

  • Vanilla Bean
  • Peanut Butter Brittle

They all have wheat in their other ice creams.

Do Vegan options exist for Crumbl ice cream?

Unfortunately, Crumble’s Cookie does not provide vegan options for its ice cream and cookies. They all have dairy and eggs in them.

Do Crumbl cookies contain eggs?

Yes, eggs are a component of crumble cookies, but not all of them. They only provide one cookie without eggs, which is:

  • Traditional Krispy Bar

However, there are no eggs in it; it does include milk.

Do Crumbl cookies contain dairy?

According to my study, neither their ice creams nor cookies are dairy-free. On their menus, they are all dairy-based in some way.

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Mike Halladay

Mike Halladay

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