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Texas Roadhouse Vegan Options – Find Them Here!

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texas roadhouse vegan (options)

What Vegan Options Do You Get In Texas Roadhouse Restaurant?

Going to a steakhouse for food as a vegan means choosing to have a negative dining experience. A restaurant that is not vegan-friendly cannot be expected to provide tasty plant-based meals. Texas Roadhouse is the same.

Huge, juicy, hand-cut steaks are Texas Roadhouse’s specialty. You cannot and should not go there hoping to find delicious vegan food.

You might want to bring something from your house, but if you don’t, you may need to go to the store.

Do you want to know what those few veggie sides are and how to get them? Learn more about the vegan options at Texas Roadhouse by reading on!

What are menu items at Texas Roadhouse vegan-friendly?

It is exceedingly challenging to determine what each item contains and whether it is possible to make it vegan because Texas Roadhouse doesn’t specify the ingredients for most of its dishes.

There are currently two ways to find out what vegans may eat at Texas Roadhouse: by consulting the restaurant’s allergy guide or using online resources. This post’s topic, a vegan version of the Texas Roadhouse menu, is the result of combining the two concepts.

The vegan menu selections at Texas Roadhouse are extremely restricted. The restaurant does not provide any vegan entrées, and those limited selections are only available as sides.

The following is a list of everything a vegan can eat at Texas Roadhouse:

  • Domestic Peanuts
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Buttered Corn
  • Regional Veggie Plate
  • Drinks
  • House Salad: needs adjustment
  • Several vegan sauces

You could try asking them to create the following goods for you in the vegan form:

  • Simple baked potatoes
  • Simple sweet potatoes

Read on to learn how to create some of the aforementioned vegan-friendly dishes and discover the answers to some frequently-asked-questi­ons about vegan meals at Texas Roadhouse.

And I’ll explain why the steakhouse’s regular and sweet potatoes aren’t vegetarian and why you might not always be able to get them without meat.

Vegan options at Texas Roadhouse

1. House Salad

It’s a typical house salad with breadcrumbs, tomatoes, lettuce, and Cheddar. You could get it anywhere else. At Texas Roadhouse, the hard-boiled egg on top is the only variation.

Along with the salad, you also receive a homemade dressing on the side.

Some vegan dressings include bleu cheese, thousand islands, ranch honey mustard, and low-fat.

To eat this standard house salad vegan-fashion, you’ll have to leave out the cheddar cheese, croutons, egg, and dressing, leaving just lettuce and tomatoes. Surely not something you want to eat at a friendly restaurant. So here’s a quick tip for you.

Add extra vegetable side dishes and a vegan dressing to give the standard house salads more flavor and interest.

2. Fresh vegetables

We don’t know what this new vegetable side is made of or how it’s produced because Texas Roadhouse doesn’t specify the ingredients for the majority of the food items on its menu. However, some unconfirmed sources claim that it contains steamed carrots and broccoli that have been sautéed in butter. This claim appears accurate, given that the restaurant’s allergen guide also notes that this side dish contains milk.

If you’re vegan eating out, you may need to tell the friendly restaurant staff that you don’t eat meat. They might then offer you a side of tasteless mixed vegetables instead of the steak they usually serve vegans. However, you could always order a salad with oil instead of a steak.

If you’re dining out at the nearest restaurant serving steaks, you may be able to order something healthier than you’d normally choose.

3. Sautéed Veggies

You might choose the sautéed vegetables if you think steamed vegetables are too monotonous. You could alternatively order both dishes to give your Texas Road House vegan meal more flavor and nutrition. Although there are only two sautéed veggie filling options—mushrooms and onions—don’t set your expectations too high.

It’s vital to remember that although many websites list Texas Roadhouse’s sautéed vegetables as vegan-friendly, the vegan-friendly restaurant’s allergen guide notes that they include milk.

The only reasonable explanation for the vegetables being cooked in butter is that they were sautéd in butter.

So if you’re eating at Texas Roadhouse and want to order vegan meals, be sure to tell them, so they know to prepare the meal without any dairy and meat products.

4. Buttered corn

This side dish’s name makes it obvious that butter is the non-vegan cause. The good news is that obtaining it without butter doesn’t need any extra effort. They’ll carry it out for you.

It will just be some ordinary corn kernels.

5. Country vegetable plate

There isn’t a separate menu item for the country vegetable plate. You can only choose it if you want to order four side dishes.

If you’re eating there as an animal rights advocate, ordering a side of plain salad is your best veggie plate option because you need to get vegetables.

6. Peanuts

Texas Roadhouse offers free peanuts.

Besides their steaks, Texas Roadhouse is renowned for something else. Are you able to identify that? No-cost peanuts!

Every customer at the restaurant receives free peanuts (in the shell). You can eat them or add some vegetables for a little extra flavor.

7. Vegan dressings and sauces

The vegan fare at Texas Roadhouse is a bit dull and monotonous.

However, vegan salad dressings and sauces can provide your food, consisting of veggies (sautéed, steamed, or raw) and some flavor. You’ll have to do what you have because there aren’t many options available.

At Texas Roadhouse, you have the following choices for vegan salad dressings and sauces:

  • oil & vinegar dressing
  • apple sauce
  • Texas Roadhouse barbecue sauce.

8. Drinks at Texas Roadhouse that are vegan

One of the best aspects of Texas Roadhouse’s beverage list is that many of its drinks are vegetarian-friendly. If you’re dining vegetarian at Texas Roadhouse, then you can be sure to enjoy some delicious veggie cocktails.

Moreover, you should also read our article about Jolly Ranchers, whether Jolly Ranchers are vegan or non-vegan.

Why not fries? Is the steak fry at Texas Roadhouse vegetarian?

Texas Roadhouse’s seasoned steak fries don’t contain animal products, but they may contain dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, mollusks, or sesame seeds.

Some websites claim that this fast food chain doesn’t consider these fried potatoes vegan-friendly. Since the same fryers are usually used for poultry and seafood, although this is the most common knowledge, I have discovered a few sites that claim that Texas Roadhouse fries are prepared in bacon fat.

I was unable to verify this information. Therefore, I strongly advise calling your neighborhood Texas Roadhouse to be sure before placing an order. They are not vegan if they are genuinely prepared with bacon fat. However, if it’s merely a matter of shared resources, then each vegan must decide whether or not to consume them.

Some vegans completely abstain from consuming dishes prepared using communal facilities. You’ll need to eat vegetables instead of meat if you’re vegetarian. However, you’ll have to go without meat if you don’t want to miss out on the sole interesting item on the Texas Roadhouse’s vegetarian meal.

If you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t mind eating food prepared with a communal utensil, then feel free to dine at Texas Roadhouse with its delicious steak fries.


Since Texas Roadhouse isn’t vegan-friendly, you shouldn’t anticipate it to be. Given that it’s a steakhouse, it should be clear that the menu will feature many meat dishes.

Indeed, Texas Roadhouse could easily add some items to its already extensive list of options suitable for vegans. However, chili’s has already added several items to its extensive vegetarian/vegetarian-friendly options.

You can use a separate fry­ing basket and vegetable oil for French Fries. To offer vegans more choices, the restaurant might serve some salads made entirely from plant-derived ingredients and more vegetarian sauces and dress­ings.

Here are some ideas for how Texas Roadhouse could be more accommodating to vegetarians. At the moment, however, it isn’t very vegetarian-friendly. A vegan wouldn’t willingly go to Texas Roadhouse, but you know your options if someone takes you there with them.

You should read our previous article about the best vegan energy drinks in 2022.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Is Texas Roadhouse cactus blossom dairy free?

Vegans, as well as vegetarians, may enjoy this dish! The well-known blooming onion is traditionally prepared with a batter made of buttermilk; however, we could make it crispy and delicious by using ingredients that did not include dairy and were suitable for vegans.

Does Texas Roadhouse use butter or margarine?

According to the information provided by reliable sources, the cinnamon butter recipe at Texas Roadhouse calls for equal parts butter and margarine. I’ve used only real butter in this recipe because that’s how I find it yields the greatest results in terms of flavor.

Is Texas Roadhouse Halal in the USA?

Every one of  Texas Roadhouse establishments serves only Halal-certified meat. Halal Certificate is also available upon request.


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