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Why Are Parma Violet’s Sweet Treats vegan? Let’s Find Out!

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Can I Have Parma Violets On A Vegan Diet? – Our Guide

Parma violets are a childhood nostalgic sweet, with a fizzy texture and distinct taste, but are all the ingredients in these retro yummy sweets vegan? 

Parma violets are indeed vegan, all their key ingredients are mainly sugar and flavouring based with no animal products. The sweets might contain palm oil, however.

To find out more about the ingredients in parma violets and vegan sweets, we’ve composed a guide with everything you need to know below.

What Ingredients Are In Parma Violets?

To begin with, let’s start by addressing what ingredients are inside parma violets to make sure there are no animal-derived ingredients in the sweets.

  • Sugar. 
  • Anti-caking agent. 
  • Colouring. 
  • Glucose syrup. 
  • Modified starch. 
  • Magnesium carbonate. 

Are All Swizzel Sweets Vegan? 

Swizzels have a large range of popular sweets, with most being vegan, but it should be noted that some of their sweets contain palm oil which can be a big no for some vegans and should be avoided due to environmental effects. 

This is a personal preference however since the sweets are still technically vegan with no animal-derived ingredients, like avocados for example.

Vegan Swizzel Sweets 

Swizzels have a large range of vegan sweets on offer, we’ve listed them below to help you out. 

Drumstick Choos & Chews

Drumstick chews, choos and chew bars are vegan since their original recipe, Drumstick textured lollies are not vegan, however.

Refreshers Choos 

Refresher choos, Refresher chews and chew bars are all vegan in most of their flavours.

Fruity Pops 

These hard lollies are essentially sugar set with citric acid and are very hard!


Since the 1930s and war time, Fizzers have remained vegan friendly!

Rainbow Drops & Love Hearts

Both of these popular chewy/fizzy sweets are vegan-friendly.

Double Dip 

Although not very healthy, double dips are vegan and the sherbet in the second paper packet is vegan too. 

Non-Vegan Swizzel Sweets 

Although most of the sweets from the Swizzels range are vegan, there are some non-vegan sweets from their range to be aware of.

  • Squashies – 
  • Drumstick lollies – All flavours of drumstick lollies are not vegan due to them containing gelatine.
  • Fun gums – Some fun gum sweets such as their fried eggs and milk bottles contain dairy while others have gelatin inside.
  • Butterscotch – Contains gelatin therefore not vegan!
  • Variety packs – Many Swizzels variety packs sweets can contain milk and dairy such as condensed cream, these sweets can also have gelatin in them.

Last Words

Overall, Parma violets are vegan and gluten-free, their main ingredients are sugar and flavourings, most Swizzel sweets are vegan apart from some of their popular sweets like drumsticks.

Some of their sweets do contain palm oil however which is avoided by some vegans.

Mike Halladay

Mike Halladay

Hey! Mike Here! I love all things vegan. I am a Dad of 2 youngs boys and a food lover and amateur Chef. I transitioned to being a Vegan 9 years and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My health and lifestyle improved beyond belief! This is why I started to spread the word!

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