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Are Hi Chews Vegan? Find Out Here!

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are hi chews vegan

Are Hi Chews Vegan?

Hi-Chew – Jolli Candy NZ

Hi-Chews made their American debut in the 1970s. Many of the people I grew up with loved the Japanese-influenced candies, but I never really liked them.

They first appeared on US store shelves when Japan began gaining traction in American society.

Hi-Chews, though, are they vegan?

Hi-Chews aren’t vegan because they contain white sugar and gelatin from animal products. However, gelatin comes from pigs’ bones, and white sugar is filtered through charcoal made from cattle bones.

Pardon me for being the one to tell you this, but The majority of sweets sold in the UK are not vegan-friendly. Most candies you’ll purchase from a grocery store aren’t vegetarian, but there are some exceptions.

I’ll address a few often-asked queries regarding Hi-Chew candies below, followed by a thorough breakdown of all the components that go into making them. Together, let’s discover more about this confectionery!

Does gelatin exist in every Hi-Chew?

Any flavor of Hi-Chew creamy candy that you choose will contain non-vegan ingredients.

Gelatin is present in all of the main flavors and variations of Hi-Chew. The Hi-Chews are the only ones without any gelatin. Vegans should avoid all Hi-Chew bites, though, as they, too, include non-vegan components.

There’s no reason for me not to inform my audience that something isn’t vegetarian if I’ve justified doing so.

You likely ate more gelatin than you should have if you grew up consuming manufactured cuisine.

Gelatine is made from collagen, which comes from animal bones. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins found in animals. It adds a chewy taste and consistency to any food. The “chew” in the word “Hi-Chew” derives from this.

Hi-Chews wouldn’t be able to hold their shape without the added gelatin.

Gelatine doesn’t taste good, so most people don’t know they’re eating it. However, the bones from animals like cattle and pigs are used to produce gelatine. After saying that, the boiled-down carcasses of cows and pigs are used to make gelatins.

As a result, all vegans and vegetarians should steer clear of gelatin as a dietary ingredient.

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Is dairy available in Hi-Chew? examining the ingredients

Many Hi-Chews appear to include milk because of their creamy white appearance.

Vegan Hi-Chew candies don’t, however, include any milk or dairy products

However, if you take your veganism seriously, you need to be aware of the several other additives they contain. Let’s quickly go through the list of ingredients in Hi-Chew and see which ones are good and which aren’t so good.

1. Glucose syrup

Hot Sale Glucose Syrup Colorless Corn Syrup 75% 80% - China Syrup and Corn  Syrup

Glucose Syrups serve as Hi-Primary Chews’ components. These syrups can be derived from either potatoes or maize, which are acceptable for vegans. However, they are not healthy at all.

Because it’s essentially pure glucose, it enters your bloodstream right away. Your blood sugar per day levels may be affected, leading to dangerous forms of sugar crashes.

2. Sugar

How Is Sugar Made? | Taste of Home

The next item is natural sugar. I’m talking about refined white cane sugar. Unfortunately, despite what many believe, this component is not entirely vegan.

It was filtered through an organic material called “Cow bone char”. These bones were made by burning the bones of dead cows.

Therefore, vegans should exercise caution when consuming any grams of sugar-containing foods.

3. Palm kernel oil

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Method Provided by Oil Press Manufacturer

Cooking oil made from plants called palm kernel oil, also known as palm oil, is divisive among vegans.

Even though coconut oil is produced by tapping into the sap of the coconut plant, the business that supports the industry has a terrible impact on tropical rainforests and is causing the extinction and endangerment of several animal and plant life forms.

4. Gelatin

What is gelatin? Everything you need to know

Gelatin is yet another non-vegan ingredient in Hi-Chew sweet candies. It was extracted directly from a fatty soup from boiled animal bone marrow.

Therefore, be cautious to avoid any foods that contain pork gelatin. In addition to being unhealthy, it directly results from animal cruelty.

5. Malic acid

Malic acid - La Despensa del Jabón

Tart fruits like grapes and some types of citrus contain DL-malic acid, a naturally occurring fruit-derived acid. The substance is what gives the wine its slightly acidic flavor. Hi-Chew chewy candy contains it to enhance the fruit flavors and give them a more authentic fringe flavor.

You don’t need to worry if you ever encounter this common ingredient in your dishes because it is vegetarian.

6. Citric acid

Citric acid | Podcast | Chemistry World

Citrus fruits contain two types of acids: malic and citrate. Malic acids have a more tart taste, whereas citrates have a more sour taste. Think about the difference between eating an orange versus a lemon. Citric acid tastes less sour than DL-malic acid because it contains fewer molecules of hydrogen ions (H+) per molecule of citrate ion (C6H8O7−).

Citric acid is a vegan additive, though it is typically generated in laboratories. Additionally, it acts as a natural preservative by raising the candy’s acidity and hindering bacterial growth.

7. Natural and synthetic flavors

Natural and artificial flavoring additions are used for chewing sweets. These artificial tastes are vegan, even though they’re not very nutritious (because of their extensive processing).

8. Sucrose fatty esters


This strange-sounding component is a sort of sugar-derived fat. It serves as a chemical binder that keeps confectionery components from separating. It is entirely vegan because it is a synthetic substance.

9. Sorbitan triglyceride

This dubious component, employed as an emulsifier to keep Hi-Chews from crumbling, is extremely similar to the fatty esters (fatty acids) found in sucrose. It’s practically impossible to determine whether Hi-Chew uses plants or animals to make their sweets.

10. Concentrated fruit juice

Is juice from concentrate good or bad for health?

We have an all-natural component at last!

Grape juice and orange juice add a more natural taste to Hi-chew.

These elements, though not the primary ones, are almost at the bottom of the list. Hi-Chews may not contain enough actual juice to be regarded as “healthy,” therefore.

11. Naturalcolorss made from plants

Colors of Nature: Extracting Natural pigments from plants - YouTube

Hi-Chew has used no artificial ingredients in its products since the company was founded in 2008. Instead, they use fruits, vegetables, and spirulina (a type of algae) to create their original flavors.


Sadly, there aren’t any vegan Hi-Chew sweets available. All of the above-mentioned animal-based ingredients are included in the Bites, which don’t contain gelatin.

Nutter Butters are a good option if you want something healthier than regular kinds of butter because they are mainly made up of plants.

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Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Do they test for gluten requirements for manufacturers who want to sell their products in Europe?

No, makers of goods are not required to test for gluten. There are many goods available that are neither gluten-free-labeled nor gluten-tested. A candy product that claims it is “gluten-free” must contain less than 20 ppm of gluten. Concerning labels like “wheat-free,” that restriction does not apply. To ensure a product will satisfy your dietary needs, read the label’s contents, even if labeled “gluten-free.”

Can gluten be found in natural flavors?

Gluten-free foods from all-natural ingredients, such as wheat, can be purchased at most grocery stores. Although it is rare to find a food product containing gluten, these items are often labeled as gluten-free. These foods are generally made from grains that do not contain gluten, such as corn, rice, oats, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, teff, tapioca starch, potato starch, arrowroot, cassava, plantain, taro root, yucca, sweet potatoes, and others. Some foods contain soybeans, nuts, seeds, legumes, and other non-grain or plant-based ingredients.

Are Hi chews good for you?

Because of the high levels of sugar and carbohydrates found in Hi-Chew candies, eating them is not the best choice for someone attempting to maintain a balanced diet. However, if you keep track of your carbohydrate intake and only consume a small amount of Hi-Chew at a time, you should be able to fit it into your diet easily.

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