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How Do You Know If Haribo Is Vegan? Let’s Find Out!

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Are Haribo Vegan?

Haribo is a famous confectionery brand in Germany and other parts of Europe. It contains gelatin and gelatin derived from pigs’ hooves.

As with all other gelatin-based confectionery, this is not vegan and should not be consumed by vegans.

What is Haribo made of?

Haribo is a German candy brand that produces a variety of sweets such as gummy bears, jelly babies, sour balls, and more.

It is one of the world’s best-selling confectionery brands, and its products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. 

They are made using gelatin which comes from animal bones and cartilage. They also contain artificial colouring agents.

The company claims that its products are free of animal or dairy ingredients. However, they do use egg whites to make some of their candies.

The company states that it uses only vegetarian gelatin for its products. This means that it does not use any gelatin derived from animals.

However, there are two types of gelatin used in Haribo products: vegetable and animal.

Vegetable Gelatins:

Vegetable gelatins come from plants and are considered safe for consumption. Vegetable gelatins are extracted from plant materials like corn, potato, rice, wheat, etc. These gelatins are generally regarded as safe for human consumption. They have been tested extensively and shown to be non-toxic.

Vegetarian gelatins are usually derived from plants. There are no regulations on how these gelatins are manufactured or what substances they contain. Many companies state that their products are “vegetarian” without details about where the gelatins came from.

Vegetarian gelatins are typically produced through processes involving boiling water at high temperatures. Some manufacturers claim that the heat kills bacteria and viruses in the raw material. However, this process has never been proven scientifically.

In addition, some vegetarians claim that the gelatins are contaminated by chemicals released during the manufacturing process. For example, some people believe that ethylene glycol (a chemical found in antifreeze) is added to the gelatins. Others say that formaldehyde is used to preserve the gelatins.

Some vegetarians choose to buy their gelatins directly from farmers who raise livestock specifically for meat to avoid such contamination. They then purchase the bones and other parts of the animals after slaughtering them.

Animal Gelatins:

Animal gelatins come from the bones and tendons of slaughtered animals.

Animal gelatins are obtained from the bones and tenders of slaughtered animals. They may also be produced synthetically. When animal gelatins are used in food processing, they must undergo extensive testing before being approved for sale.

Many companies require that their suppliers provide them with certificates confirming that the gelatins meet specific standards.

Animal gelatins are often derived from pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, horses, and fish. Pigs’ feet are most commonly used in gelatin because they yield the highest quality product. Other sources include cattle bones, poultry bones, and fish scales.

While these gelatins can be processed into food products without killing the animals, they still involve animal cruelty.

Why are most Haribo sweets not vegetarian or vegan?

The answer lies in the type of gelatin used to make Haribo’s gummy candies.

Haribo uses a mixture of vegetable and animal gelatins most of the time. It’s important to note that these gelatins are mixed before use. This means that the gelatins do not have separate identities. The gelatins are combined as one substance.

Haribo does not disclose whether it uses only vegetable gelatins or both vegetable and animal gelatines. If it uses only vegetable gelatin, it would be possible to produce vegan versions of its products.

If it uses both types of gelatins, it will be impossible to make vegan versions of its products since the gelatins cannot be separated.

What are the flavours of Haribo?

There are currently over 200 different flavours of Haribo candy. 

Each flavour contains a combination of sweeteners and colours. These ingredients are listed on the label of each candy.

Most flavours are made using sugar, colourings, and artificial flavouring agents.

Artificial flavourings are usually synthetic compounds that closely resemble natural ones.

Some of the more popular flavours include:

Red Velvet: Contains red food dye and cocoa powder.

Black Forest Cherry: Contains cherry juice concentrate.

Creme Caramel: Contains caramel and milk powder.

Cherry Cola: Contains cola and cherry juice concentrate.

Carrot Cake: Contains carrot juice concentrate and icing sugar.

Chocolate Orange: Contains orange juice concentrate, chocolate syrup, and vanilla extract.

Chocolate Raspberry: This contains raspberry jam and chocolate syrup.

Fruit Salad: Contains fruit juice concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate, and strawberry juice concentrate.

Mango: Contains mango puree and coconut cream.

Pineapple: Contains pineapple juice concentrate and coconut cream.

Strawberry: Contains strawberry juice concentrate and icing sugar (sugar).

What about other brands of gummies?

You might want to check out other brands of gummies on the market. Many of them contain no animal gelatins.

Are there any alternatives to Haribo’s gummy sweets?

Yes! There are plenty of other brands of gummy candies available at your local grocery store.

Some of them are even free of animal gelatins. However, none of them come close to the taste of Haribo’s gummies.

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Do all gummy candies contain animal gelatins?

Not necessarily. While most gummy candies are made using animal gelatins, some are made using only plant-based gelatins. These include Jelly Belly’s jelly beans made from corn syrup and water.

Last Words

As you can see, there are many ways to get around eating animal gelatins. Even though they may seem difficult to avoid, it’s certainly possible to enjoy delicious treats without consuming animal gelatins. So go ahead and indulge yourself with a bit of Haribo now and again.

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