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Are Gardetto’s Vegan? Find Out Here!

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are gardettos vegan

Are Gardetto’s Vegan?

Even if you don’t recall its name, you sure will recognize its packaging. We call this tasty snack a “tastier” version of Chex Mix because it has a similar taste but is made from healthier ingredients.

The best part of the Gardetto's snack mix, the rye chips, now come in bags  on their own, and they are problematically addictive

A blend of crispy, salty, crunchy, chewy, and soft snacks combine into one mouthwatering treat.

Now, are they vegan or not?

Both the original and rye chips are completely vegetarian. They don’t see animal product ingredients even in their Worcestershire sauce. However, avoid the cheese-flavored ones because they all contain real milk.

We’ll detail which We’lltto’s flavoursGardetto’s in more detail below. We’ll then respond to We’llur inquiries and demonstrate the components of a Gardetto so that you may judge for yourself. Look it up!

Flavors of gardettos: vegan and non-vegan. Gardettos Original Recipe Snack Mix - Variety Pack of Gardetto's  Snacks (4.5-5oz) Including Original Recipe, Deli Style Mustard, Italian  Cheese Blend, Chipotle Cheddar, Spicy Italian and Pizzeria Flavors with  Zentious Magnetic

Although Gardetto’s Original is perhaps their most well-known flavor, it is by no means their sole offering. You may see a fast visual representation of all of the vegan and non-vegan varieties of Gardetto below:

Non-vegan gardetto’s falvoursVegan gardetto’s falvours
Gardetto’s Italian Cheese Gardetto’sk MixGardetto’s Original ReduceGardetto’sk Mix
Gardetto’s Chipotle CheddaGardetto’sxGardetto’s Original Snack Gardetto’s
to’s Pizzeria Snack MixGardetto’s Garlic Rye ChipGardetto’s
 o’s Deli-Style MustGardetto’sl Snack Mix

It’s not too difficult. It’s the non-vegan Gardettos. Italian Cheese Blend and Chipotle Cheddar both prominently advertise their cheese content. Pizza always has cheese; therefore, it should go without saying that the Pizzeria Snack Mix is also not vegan.

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What Ingredients Are Used in Gardettos?

Gardetto's Original Recipe | SNACKEROO

Gardetto’s snacks are full of healthy ingredients for such a simple snack. Some are completely organic and made from plants, while others are slightly more synthetic.

We used the ingredient list from Gardetto’s Original snack mix for our analysis.

The following is the list of the main ingredients:

Let’s examine the components more closely now.

1. Wheat Flour with Additives

The pretzels and the breadsticks contain enriched wheat flour as their main ingredient. They’re made by combining enriched wheat flour with whole grain rye flour.

Enriched flour is a natural plant-based product made from dried and ground-up grains. Then, extra vitamins and minerals are added to this powder. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Fortunately, every vitamin and mineral used to manufacture enriched wheat flour is suitable for vegans.

2. Plant-Based Oil

The Snack Mix contains only baked, not fried, bits. To ensure equal cooking, a tiny layer of vegetable oil is applied to each one before being put in the oven. Gardetto’s contain either soybean or canola oil, depending on the package.

These two cooking oils come from sustainable sources, unlike palm oil, which depletes our rainforests.

3. Rye Flour

All-natural baking powder, suitable for vegans, has been dried and ground from this grain, similar to wheat. The Gardetto’s popular snack mix uses these.

4. Salt

All three of the ingredients in Gardetto’s snack mix contain salt. Salt makes the mixture harden into a crustier texture instead of becoming soft and sticky. Salt is always vegan, of course.

5. Yeast

To make bread, a single-cell creature called yeast is used. When yeast is introduced to the dough, the yeast eats the bit of sugar therein, creating CO2 gas that, together with the trapped air bubbles in the dough, causes the dough to rise.

Yeast is suitable for vegans. Nutritional yeast is a popular condiment among vegans!

6. Sugar

A small amount of sugar (particularly refined sugar) is utilized to season the Snack Mix. It produces a delicious “sweet n’ spicy” flavor when coupled with the spices.

However, some vegans could object to this component.

Refined sugar is made from raw cane brown sugar by removing the outer coating using animal bone char.

Refined white sugars use an enzyme called amylase, which comes from the pancreas glands of slaughtered animals.

They look for raw unprocessed sucrose products (canned beets, carrots, etc.) that don’t use bone char.

However, even though sugar comes from plants, it’s still a product of plants, so there are just as many vegan people who don’t mind eating white sugar as there are vegan people who do.

7. MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSGs), an artificial flavor enhancer, simulates the savory tastes tur tongues perceive. When we taste it, our tongues’ taste buds send signals to our brains as if we had eaten something delicious like meat or cheeses.

Despite tasting somewhat like meat, MSG is entirely vegan.

8. Corn Syrup

Even though these brown chips aren’t really sweet, some extra corn syrup has been put into them, so they’re slightly sweeter. There are no difficulties because corn syrup is a plant-derived sweetening agent and is completely vegan.

9. Worcestershire sauce

For vegetarians, Worcestershire sauce is often a difficult ingredient. This is because anchovies are a common ingredient in Worcestershire sauce. Thankfully, Gardetto’s uses a Worcestershire sauce that is anchovy-free and suitable for vegans.

10. Baking soda

All of the healthy snack mixes contain ingredients that are commonly used in baked goods. Baking soda provides the texture and aid in rising. However, they’re plain old sodium bicarbonates in their purest forms.

11. Malted barley

A naturally occurring sweetener called barley malt is made from, you guessed it, barely. It is, therefore, healthy to consume and vegan.

12. The color caramel

Caramel coloring has been applied to give some crunchy snacks a more attractive golden color. They’ve probably been on store shelves for six years, but this makes it seem like they were just recently made.

Vegan and mostly artificial, the caramel color.

13. Spices

Gardetto’s perfect Snack Mix is seasoned with onion and garlic powder, as stated on the box. They’ve done a wonderful job of keeping their family’s spice formula a family secret from the outer world except from those two obvious elements. Fortunately, spices never cause veganism!

14. Fumaric Acid

An organic acidic substance called fumaric acid is frequently used in baking. It serves as a mold inhibitor in this instance to stop mold from developing on the bread goods. This is a crucial ingredient because bread is typically particularly prone to mold.

15. Disodium Inosinate

Together with MSG (described above), this chemically altered sodium molecule produces an incredibly savory umami flavor characteristic. One of the reasons Gardetto’s brown chips taste so good is because of this. Being a synthetic substance, it is vegan.

16. Disodium Guanylate

This synthetic substance, also employed as a flavor enhancer, is comparable to disodium inosinate.

17. Sodium Diacetate

An antifungal substance called sodium diacetate is used to keep food from spoiling. This indicates that it is a synthetic preservative.

18. BHT Preservative

BHT is a typical preservative found in many processed foods. Since it was created in a lab, it is suitable for vegans.


Gardetto’s are vegan-friendly if you avoid the few flavors containing cheese and real dairy! They are, however, in poor health. As you can see, Gardetto’s are produced with tons of synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

However, if you want to eat more vegan snacks, you can check out the following video to know 50 vegan snacks to try in 2022.

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