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Why Is Birra Moretti Vegan? Read Here!

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Is Birra Moretti Vegan?

Birra Moretti is made with organic barley malt and no animal products. This is an excellent alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan.

Also, Birra Moretti has a slightly sweet taste that some people may not like. If you do not like the sweetness of this beer, try it in small quantities first to see if you can get used to it.

Birra Moretti is available year-round at our brewery store and on tap at many local bars and restaurants.

What is Birra Moretti?

Birra Moretti (pronounced “beer-ah mo-REE-tay”) means “Moretti” in Italian. It was named after the original Moretti Brewery in Italy, opened in 1875. The word “Moretti” comes from the Latin word “morum”, meaning “malt”.

“Birra Moretti” translates into English as “Beer Moretti”.

The original Moretti Brewery produced only one type of beer: a dark lager called Moretti Bock. The German term for dark lagers is “Märzenbier”.

In 1980, the Moretti Brewery was bought by Carlsberg Breweries. They renamed the company Moretti & C. and began producing other beers besides Moretti Bock.

In 1990, Carlsberg sold the Moretti brand to Heineken International. Heineken continued brewing Moretti under license until 1998 when they discontinued their craft beers.

Heineken then sold the rights to brew Moretti back to the Moretti family. Since 2000, Moretti has been brewed by Birra Moretti S.p.A., an independent Italian brewer located near Milan.

How does Birra Moretti compare to other craft beers?

Birra Moretti is a traditional style of quality beer that is similar to pilsners, ales, stouts, etc. However, it is different enough from these styles to be considered its category.

Like most craft beers, Birra Moretti is gluten-free. It also contains less than 1% alcohol by volume.

Unlike most craft beers, Birra Moretti is not filtered. Instead, it undergoes natural carbonation through fermentation.

Birra Moretti has a very light colour. Most craft beers have a brownish tint to the Birra Moretti has a crisp flavour profile. Craft beers usually contain a lot of hops, but Birra Moretti is low in bitterness.

Birra Morettis are often served cold. Other craft beers tend to be served warmer because they are filtered.

Birra Moretti is typically served in tall glasses. Other craft beers are sometimes served in pint glasses.

Birra Moretto is a refreshing, perfect beer that goes down quickly. Many craft beers are stronger and heavier.

What beer is not vegan?

There are several reasons why some beers are not vegan.

Some beers use animal-derived ingredients such as honey, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla extract. 

Some beers use non-vegan ingredients such as wheat, corn, barley, or rice.

Many craft breweries add caramel colouring to their beers. This is made with sugarcane juice.

Hence, we recommend avoiding these kinds of beers.

If you want to drink a vegan beer, look for the following labels:

  • Vegan Beer
  • Organic Beer
  • Gluten-Free Beer
  • Sugar-Free Beer
  • Low Alcohol Beer

As always, please do your research before drinking any beer. If you don’t know what’s in a particular beer, ask the brewery directly!

Which beers are vegan in the UK?

We’re happy to announce that over 100 vegan beer is now in existence in the UK. You can find these beers at many supermarkets, convenience stores, and speciality shops.

Here are just a few examples of vegan beers currently available in the UK:

  • Budweiser Budvar Czech Pilsner
  • Cascade Head Brewer
  • Carlsberg Kronenbourg 1664 Dark Lager
  • Draught King Pale Ale
  • Grolsch Grolsch Premium Light
  • Guinness Guinness Draught
  • Guinness Extra Stout
  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout
  • Guinness Extra Dry Irish Stout
  • Löwenbräu Original Munich Helles
  • Birra Messina
  • Moretti Moretti Bock
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon American Lager
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro Italian lager
  • Red Stripe Caribbean Lager
  • Schlitz Malt Liquor
  • Stella Artois Leffe Belgian Strong Golden Ale
  • Tetley Traditional English Ale
  • Widmer Hefeweizen Wheat Beer
  • Widmer India Pale Ale
  • Widmer IPA
  • Widmer Saison
  • Widmer Summer Ale
  • Widmer Witbier
  • Widmer Winter Warmer
  • Widmer White Ale
  • Widmer Wild Yeast Ale
  • Widmer Xtra Special Ale
  • Widmer XXXX American Amber Ale
  • Widmer XXXT American Brown Ale
  • Widmer Double X Imperial Stout
  • Widmer Triple X Imperial Porter
  • Widmer Quadruple X Barleywine Ale
  • Widmer Quadruple X Barrel-Aged Barleywine Ale

Alcohol content of a pint of Birra Moretti?

The alcohol content of Birra Moretti varies between 4% and 5%.

The amount of sugar in a pint of Birra Moretti is 0 grams per 12 ounces (0g/12oz).

The calories in a pint of Birra Moretti are 6 kcal/12 oz.

Last Words

We hope this guide will help you decide which popular beers are vegan. We also hope it helps you understand how much alcohol is in each beer.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this article or anything else by leaving a comment below.

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Mike Halladay

Mike Halladay

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