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Are Fruitella Vegan? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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Can I Eat Fruitella Sweets On A Vegan Diet?

Fruitella is a very popular British sweet and you will typically find that it is sold as a bunch of sweets in chews or sticks, made from real fruit juice, but the question is, are these range of sweets vegan?

Fruitella sweets are not vegan sweets, this is because they are made with either pork gelatin or beef gelatin.

We’ve discussed below in more detail what ingredients are in Fruitella, why sweets used gelatin and some vegan alternatives for when you feel like a sweet treat.

What Ingredients Are In Fruitella?

Fruitella could have vegan-friendly sweets if it wasn’t for the gelatin inside, that being said, they do have two versions of their sweets called the Fruittella Sour Snakes and the Fruittella Koalas which are vegan.

As an alternative to gelatin they use pure fruit and starch, they are also gluten free.

We’ve listed the main ingredients which are found in non-vegan fruitella chewy sweets below. 

  • Glucose syrup.
  • Sugar.
  • Fully hydrogenated coconut oil.
  • Fruit juices from concentrate (orange, lemon, strawberry) (3%).
  • Citric acid.
  • Gelatine.
  • Humectant (glycerol).
  • Concentrates (carrot, black carrot, elderberry).
  • Natural flavourings.
  • Gelling agent (gum arabic).
  • Dextrin.

Why Do Sweets Use Gelatin?

Gelatin is made from the soft tissue between animal bones, it’s often used in making sweets since it foams and gels allowing a melt-in-the-mouth sensation, the more gelatin sweets contain the longer they take to dissolve in the mouth, allowing the flavour to last.

Vegan Alternatives Sweets To Fruitella 

Although fruitella sweets contain gelatin, there are plenty of gelatine-free sweets to choose from which are vegan as alternatives. 

We’ve listed a few names below to help you out

  • Skittles. 
  • Fruit pastilles. 
  • Candy kittens. 
  • Jealous sweets. 
  • Free from fellows. 
  • Biona organic sweets. 
  • Freedom mallows. 
  • Starburst.

Last Words

Overall, Fruitella sweets are not vegan since they contain animal gelatin in, they do have two new sweets however which are specifically vegan friendly. To be on the safe side, always double-check the ingredients on the back of sweets labels to be on the safe side.

Mike Halladay

Mike Halladay

Hey! Mike Here! I love all things vegan. I am a Dad of 2 youngs boys and a food lover and amateur Chef. I transitioned to being a Vegan 9 years and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My health and lifestyle improved beyond belief! This is why I started to spread the word!

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